Skin Care Lessons:: Starting Now

Skin care can be complicated and confusing, and a lot of times, issues are caused from such a wide range of things that don’t seem to have anything to do with the skin: including emotions, wrong products, food sensitivities, gut health, lifestyle, and illness… and everyone is completely different! What works to clear up one person’s acne, may not even touch the next person, and could even be the CAUSE of acne in the other.


I’ve compiled a little list of some common skin care issues and responses I hear from my clients and would like to do a little blog series that addresses some of these with lessons along the way…

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? 

1. You have dry skin, you’re not going through puberty, and you’re still breaking out.

2. Your skin STILL looks dull even though you paid lotsa $ for those new skin care products.

3. You’ve tried all the newest hottest anti-wrinkle products, and saw and felt instant results…. as soon as you stopped using the product or it wore off, the wrinkles were completely unchanged.

4.  You have bumpy uneven skin texture, so you cover it with makeup everyday.

5.  Those dark spots from your breakouts stay little dark polka dots FORRRREVVERRRRR!

6. You have been using the same “Step 1, 2 & 3” skin care regimen for the last 10 years because you loved it… 10 years ago.  Or your beautiful grandma told you the secret to amazing skin was Ponds Cold Cream, so you’ve been religious since then.

7. You are starting to notice all of those little red squiggly marks across your cheeks, and also… come to think of it, your cheeks stay pretty pink every time you drink a glass of wine, or at the end of a stressful day, and every time you get out of the shower.

8. What do they even mean when they say “glowing skin?” that’s b.s.

9. Your pores are so huge, you can never seem to keep them clean, and you use Biore strips once a week.  Why aren’t they shrinking?

10. You’ve noticed in pics now when you smile you have about 65 lines next to your eyes, does that mean you need botox?

11. You know you’re supposed to wear SPF everyday, but it makes you breakout,so you skip it.. AND/OR it’s in your makeup so you’re good…

12. You tried those products the girl at the counter recommended for you, but you broke out immediately, and are now pretty certain she was just trying to sell you stuff.

13. You are now back at a different store where you just bought more stuff to treat the acne you got from that girl that sold you the expensive stuff.  And then Repeat.

14. The spots (hyperpigmentation) on your face seem to keep getting darker and larger.  When you asked about it, it was recommended you get on a “skin lightener” , but there’s no way in hell you are trying to get lighter skin.  You love to be tan… that’s how you got those spots in the first place.

15. You’re 25, you have perfect skin, and you think you don’t need to do anything.

16. You use all the best products on the market, and you are still struggling with dark circlesbreakouts, and blotchy skin.

17. You try to use organic or natural products, but they never seem like they’re working, or they feel like water on the skin.

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Jessica Geerling