5 Things I'm Loving Right Now


I am a pretty enthusiastic person and tend to have lots of interests and have new “obsessions ” often and now I have an outlet to share them! Most of my friends/family/clients are usually well aware of all my current obsessions since they are either sent in a random text, or I can’t stop talking about them, but now I have an outlet to share them to all of you! Lucky you. ;)~ I debated on whether I should just stick with beauty and skin care products for this blog, but decided whatever…experiences are just as beautiful, so it all works. Sometimes it’s a restaurant, a new song I can’t stop listening to, a book I’m reading, a new recipe, poem, a place we’ve visited, or a random product or kitchen appliance, but trust me they’re all really awesome. Since I started this new business, I’ve been in beauty product skin care testing mode, so I couldn’t help but fall in love with a lot of the new things I’ve been trying and wanted to share my favs today – some I carry at Wanderlux, and others are just tools or products I use that can be found other places and I’m sure I’ve sent many of you to Ulta or Meijer to get them already ;)~

1) Novalash 24 hour crème Eyeshadows $26:  These were created for lash extension wearers that didn’t like the fallout on their lashes from powder shadows, but they are great for everyone! When wearing just a single color, it’s super easy to apply because of the creamy consistency and smooth application. They are waterproof, and literally last all day with no need to touch up. The color combinations are gorgeous and  most colors seem to work with everyone’s skin tone (at least that I’ve tried them on)  These can be purchased alone ($26) or in a kit with complimentary colors, a shadow brush, eyeliner and instructions on how to create different looks.  The kit includes 3 shadows, a shadow brush and an eyeliner – ($54)


2) Farmhouse Fresh Facial Products! I’m pretty much in love with every single product I’ve tried so far, but I’ll just stick with my top 2 favs:

Pajama Paste Mask: This is now a weekly staple in my skin care routine – It is a natural fresh-blended pot of active yogurt, cooling bentonite clay (for pores) any redness you have in your skin is completely gone after wearing this for 10 min and your skin looks completely even and refined afterward.  I love that it’s 99%  natural! The price is great at $22, and can be purchased at Wanderlux!


Fluffy Bunny Shea Butter hand/body cream is hands down my current favorite scent of all time. I think I’ll request that they make Fluffy Bunny laundry detergent, candles, perfume, linen spray, car air fresheners and anything else that I can smell constantly throughout the day. yum.  They make a body creme as well as shea butter hand cream and both not only smell fantastic, they work wonders on dry skin this time of year!


3) NYX Lip Colors & Liners: I have always loved going to MAC and buying a lip combination of  lipglass, lipstick and liner if I’m feeling like I need a fun lip color for the season or a special event, but I usually end up spending way more than I wanted to for just a fun color that I will only wear occasionally .  I stumbled upon these NYX Lip colors while updating my makeup kit, and fell in love with not only the prices, but the colors available.  After trying most of them on, I was pleasantly surprised at how long they lasted and how beautiful the colors were.  The huge positive here is the price for these great colors – you can create a really pretty look for under $15!! Most Lipsticks are around  $7 and Lip Liners around $4.  You can pick these up at Meijer, or Ulta, and probably most other drug stores.


Pic 1: Lip Liner Color: Pumpkin & NYX High Voltage Lipstick Color: Rock Star

Pic 2: Lip Liner Color: Natural & Matte Lipstick Color: Tea Rose


4)  In My Headphones: Jon Bellion,  All Time Low – Acoustic Version:  I usually have a favorite song or playlist that I can’t stop playing on repeat for a month or two (on full blast in my headphones) until I get absolutely sick of it, so I’ll just share that here to so you can get it in your head too.   I was loving the Jon Bellion, All Time Low song (the normal version) But then I stumbled upon the video for the acoustic version and I’m smitten…
for the song, of course.


5) On My Bookshelf: Wanderlust: A Modern Yogi’s Guide to Discovering your Best Self. Author: Jeff Krasno



I’ve been eyeing this book ever since I first saw it on the shelves at Barnes and Noble several months ago, and just received it as a gift for Christmas.  It first caught my eye because of the name and cool graphics, but as I flipped through it I was loving the beautiful scenery, inspirational words and advice, and simple summaries on a variety of topics I’m interested in. As the title, Wanderlust describes, the book will attract those with an irrepressible desire to travel the world, practice yoga, eat locally, live sustainably, consume ethically, be creative, and build community around mindful living.

This isn’t the deepest book you’ll ever read, and doesn’t get too in depth with serious yoga principles, but if you want an inspirational read, some thought provoking journal exercises, and gorgeous graphics, it’s a nice book to have around.  You’ll find some simple yoga sequences, guided meditations, healthy recipes, advice for living well and more!

There you have it! My January Favs – Have fun with that song in your head for the next week. 

Jessica Geerling