Beauty In What You Love

I set an intention last year, that I would start taking the steps (even if they were baby ones) to clearly identify the most important values in my life and then do whatever I could to live those values.  Being clear with what these were for myself was not an easy task.  It can be difficult to differentiate what society or our family and friends tell us should be important vs. what is true for us.

The first month of being a business owner has allowed me to feel a sense of freedom and independence  within that I’ve been chasing for a long time.  A value that has always been important to me.  Feelings of hope, adventure, and possibility are tucked just beneath this mountain of superficial fear which I feel, but am choosing to plow through and do it anyway.

I’ve always loved being an Esthetician, I love doing facials, I love empowering other women, and I love seeing the joy and confidence a person exudes when they truly feel beautiful.  But there is a deeper beauty behind loving what I do and recognizing this beauty has been an incredible and empowering shift for me.

When I see someone for a skin care treatment or consultation, I don’t just layer product on their face so they can take a nap and wake up refreshed, although the latter usually happens either way.  I get to know their skin, learn what kind of time they have to commit to their routine every day, know what they are willing to invest, educate them on their options, and most importantly learn their reasons for being there. From there, I create a personalized plan accordingly – with care and intention.  Throughout the treatment, every moment is intentional and I feel a sense of real connection with my clients every time, which is something we all need more of in this digital world.

I recently got certified for lash extensions, and learning a new technical skill as an adult is so frustrating. After the initial technical struggles and holding my breath and swearing at my friends (that graciously offered to be my guinea pigs for several months)…I got the hang of it, and quickly learned to love the quiet space we both allowed for ourselves.  The hour during our lash session is quiet and relaxing and not only do they leave with gorgeous Bambi lashes each time, they have just created space for themselves to be still and quiet without the external chatter and distractions of everyday life. Not only do I get to make people feel beautiful and give them the gift of space, it feeds my soul at the same time. 

The Real Beauty in Why I LOVE what I Do:  Connection. Space. Freedom. Independence. Joy. Adventure. Growth. Light. Creativity. Family. Possibility. Passion. Care. Giving. Clarity.

Let the Beauty of what you Love, be What You Do. – Rumi

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