How long does it take to see results with a new skin care regimen?

Beautiful skin takes patience and commitment, a lot of questions, and sometimes trial and error, just like any other health or wellness modality.

It is easy to become let down when you don’t see results right away after being promised the world from your esthetician or skin care salesperson. The truth is, it takes some time to see results with products – sometimes up to 12 weeks with the best, most effective regimens. Acne scarring, deeper wrinkles, and large pores can take the longest to correct since the ingredients are being delivered to the deeper layers of the skin to remold and rebuild collagen and often times take more than just products themselves.  Since this process takes time to see on the surface, many give up and move on to the next “best” product before giving it a chance to do it’s job. And depending on the severity of the damage and how much correction you are looking for, you may need to supplement your regimen with some professional peels, facials, or even injectables or laser treatments.

“But I saw results immediately with that $150 night cream I bought recently – I woke up the next morning and my skin looked amazing” 
Sure, there are the instant gratification products out there – just like there are quick fix diets and quick energy sources.  These quick fixes often produce instant and beautiful results, but more times than not, they are not actually changing or improving the skin long term. (like when you gain all the weight back from the cleanse or crash diet you did in 3 days, or become even more tired hours after you downed that 3rd shot of espresso) These quick skin care fixes can be a great addition or supplement to a core regimen,  to keep you feeling pumped about your new great skincare habits, but are typically not the products or solutions that will actually correct your skin, or help prevent the aging process.

Usually, they are temporarily hydrating the skin and plumping up around the wrinkle to create a plumper less dehydrated appearance, or in some cases can even cause some inflammation in order to get the plump appearance you are looking for immediately.

“My breakouts got worse when I added that new product”: 
When dealing with acne and breakouts, often times the skin gets worse before it gets better, and can go through a purging phase while bringing up a lot of the trapped bacteria and dead skin cells.  THIS IS GOOD! Once you’ve given the products at least 4-6 weeks of consistent use, and you are still not seeing results, you may need to tweak certain elements of the regimen depending on how your skin is responding.  Just like medicine, or supplements, each skin type responds differently to various ingredients.  It can take some trial and error to get the perfect regimen for your skin, but if you are in the hands of a trained and experienced esthetician, you will be asked the proper questions to help guide you into which products may need to be swapped out.

I have seen several cases where acne wasn’t touched by their typical over the counter “acne products” and what the client was really needing was more oil balance, so in those cases, we actually ADD oil, or just work on balancing the skin by calming and healing it rather than stimulating it, and we actually remove active acne ingredients.

If you are purchasing products and looking for one solution with multiple experts at the same time,  such as a dermatologist, an esthetician and a skin care expert at the store, you may be getting conflicting information and philosophies on how best to treat your condition, so it’s best to just stick with one source while working through something before you decide whether it’s working or not.

Brighter Skin Solutions:
When it comes to a healthier and brighter complexion, exfoliation is key and usually you will see instant brightness immediately after exfoliating and applying a serum or moisturizer for your skin type.  Just the right amount of exfoliation (not over-doing it) will clear away the dead layers of skin while allowing all of the great ingredients in your new products to penetrate into the skin rather than sitting on top of dead skin cells.  A vitamin C serum, like Lira Clinical’s Hydra C Serum can work wonders.  (As long as your skin is exfoliated enough to absorb the product properly) It usually takes about 1.5 months to see results with consistent use, as it takes this amount of time to build up in the skin cells and start repairing them.

Fine Lines & Wrinkle Solutions: 
When it comes to fine lines and wrinkles, correction time can vary depending on the severity of the damage and how much correction is desired. The depth of the wrinkle, client age, and whether or not a professional treatment plan is involved all factor into the time it will take to see results.   If we are dealing with beginning and moderate stages of fine lines and wrinkles, you will likely be introduced to products containing peptides and/or retinols, these take time to stimulate fibroblasts which leads to collagen production.  Since your body is being told to either soften a muscle on it’s own, or produce it’s own collagen and change the skin long term, this can take a few months to start seeing results.

Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to skincare products and results, but the important thing to remember is that it takes time, patience and dedication to a whole regimen for long enough to reap the benefits.  Trust your skincare expert and try to stick with one source during your skin care journey until deciding if you want to move onto the next “best thing”.  If you start factoring in professional treatments such as facialspeels, LED therapy, Microcurrent, Lasers or Injectables these options can speed up and greatly enhance the results from your products, and I will write a blog post on those later!

If you’re interested in learning more about what a skin care regimen can do for you, and want to work with someone dedicated to your skin care goals, please book a skincare consultation with me.  You will leave with a custom plan created just for YOU as well as have all of your specific questions answered!