As I’m coming up on Wanderlux’s one year anniversary, I’ve been reflecting a lot on the past year. It was an adventurous, scary, and exciting year. It was the year I decided to stop talking about my dreams and start creating them. I opened my own business, received my yoga teacher certification, met a ton of new people and made them feel relaxed and beautiful, and was still able to travel a little. Let’s wander down memory lane for a few, shall we?

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Before I started this business, a few of my closest friends and family knew about my long-time dream to open a wellness spa. Years ago, as my own life kept getting busier and busier, I dreamt and wished there was a place I could go where I could disconnect from the digital world and feel a real connection with myself and others. As a working mom, I desperately needed quiet time for myself, time for reflection, and some personal pampering, like getting a facial or get my makeup done, was in order, too. For me, a perfect “me-time” day to recharge would consist of a giant cup of coffee, being able to listen to an entire podcast episode, getting a facial, enjoying the best massage on the planet, taking a yoga class, sitting in a sauna (because I’m always cold) and then having nowhere to be…but that’s just a dream, right?

Well, as a forever-artist, creating gives me life, and at that time in my life I was desperate for creative expression. My dream for this “place” I could go started to become more than just a dream. As excitement built for this idea, I decided to get it on paper and see what it might look like to make this thing a reality. I had so many ideas, so many things to say and I just kept writing and writing, and designing logos, and drawing floorplans, until eventually I opened my first business (on paper). I shared my plan with my friends and a few other local business owners, and the fire in my belly told me this thing just might actually happen someday. As time went on, I started following all the steps to open this ‘dream’ business; I had a real logo created, started seeing clients in my home, checked out some buildings in town, and next thing I knew I was actually doing it, for real. The rest of the story is obvious; I rented a little space in Heritage Hill to start the beauty part of the business, started teaching yoga at a local gym, and worked my booty off to make my dream a reality.

As day-to-day life started settling in, and I started feeling comfortable again, deep down I knew this wasn’t ALL the future had in store for me; there was more.

Over the past year I have experienced that the universe always has a way of lining things up just right, especially when I’m least expecting it. For me, it happens like this: pieces and experiences from my past that didn’t make sense before, start making sense. Things start falling into place while other things fall out of place. If I have learned anything this past year, it has been to stay detached from outcomes and release the need for control. As I have stayed open to possibilities, everything has gotten more interesting and exciting.

Here’s a real-life example: Recently I was having a conversation with another local (and super awesome) business owner, who just so happens to own a studio in town. Come to find out, both of our leases were set to expire at the exact same time and we’d both be looking for new homes for our businesses. Immediately we knew our visions were so complementary that it wouldn’t make sense for us not to share a location.

So, here we are now: present day. The lease is signed, the construction is about to begin, I’m expanding my beauty business to open my dream spa! And, (bonus!) I couldn’t ask for a better business to go on this adventure with!

Curious to find out who I’m collaberating with… and where we are wandering next? Click here to find out! Be sure to follow along on social media for updates on this journey and new services to be offered!  Thank you for your continued love and support. XO, Jessica

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Jessica Geerling