NOW OFFERING:: Reiki Energy Therapy for a physically, emotionally and spiritually aligned life.

We are so excited to now offer and accept appointments for Reiki Energy Therapy at Wanderlux, and even more excited to welcome Reiki Certified Practitioner, and all around awesome human being, Becky Haderer-Tamburello.   Becky's positive spirit is contagious, and her passion for empowering and connecting with women is exactly why she belongs here.  We are so lucky to have her. In case you are unfamiliar with Reiki and it's benefits, Becky shares a little bit about the treatment as well as her background and passion in this field of work.  

I’m Becky Haderer-Tamburello, and I first became curious about energetic healing when I was pregnant with my first son in 2008 and by the beginning of 2013, after the birth of my 3rd son I was a Certified Reiki Practitioner. Today, I practice as a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner of the Mikao Usui teachings. Over the years I have worked with a range of amazing clients and my most recent path lead me to my work with women. Connecting with, empowering and facilitating the healing of women is my greatest passion and how we will bring balance back to our planet. This work allows women to thrive and be their true authentic selves. 

image @starchildtarot 

image @starchildtarot 

Women are so very good at giving because it's in our nature but we have forgotten so much, including how to receive with grace. These imbalances causes dis-ease in our bodies. I tap into the remembered wisdom, practices and nourishing self-care techniques that I use in my own life in order to bring beautiful balance to yours. My holistic approach to women's health combines Sustainable practices, scientific evidence, practices from INNATE Traditions Postpartum Training , Reiki healing, and my Intuition.

It is my goal to share and practice these powerful, ancient teachings so every women can live a life physically, emotionally and spiritually aligned. This is our birthright! When our mind, body and spirit are properly nourished and aligned then we see beautiful harmony in our families, friends and communities.  

This therapy helps you experience peace, tranquility, relaxation and revitalization. Reiki has been shown to help relieve pain and stress; promote healing, relieve anxiety, depression or grief and restore balance to the physical, mental and emotional parts of us. This invisible, gentle energy promotes your body’s own natural ability to heal, on any level.  To learn even more about what to expect during a reiki session with me, visit our Reiki Info Page with FAQ. 

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Becky Haderer- Tamburello

Reiki Practitioner Level 2