How Reiki Energy Therapy Changed My Life

By: Becky Haderer Tamburello


The first time I received reiki I was at Cleveland Clinic. Probably the last place I expected to ever see a complementary/alternative energy therapy. My paradigm shifted that day and I knew this was something big for me.

My husband was born with a rare birth defect and is in kidney failure so that day, he was undergoing an extensive 6 hour surgery to hopefully improve his quality of life. I was nervous, to say the least. Exhausted from packing up our lives to live in Cleveland for a month (without our then 3 1/2 and 2 year old), being up with our nursing baby the night before, waking so early, and of course the worry and stress of having my husband on the operating table. Not to mention I was 4 months postpartum with my 3rd son,  had some intense anxiety and depression that I didn’t talk about because my life felt like it was being held together by threads and I felt alone. It was more than I ever bargained for and we were in “survival mode”.

I walked over to a reiki sign-up area half expecting a line for such a magical and wonderful therapy of which I’d only heard about. I was 2nd on the list and the man who received treatment before me walked out of his session and said “good luck” with a displeased look and an eye roll. I giggle about that man to this day, as it just goes to show how each person can have such a different experience with the same treatment, and how an open mind can change everything.

My experience, on the other hand, was something I'd never felt before. When the practitioner placed his hands on me, my breathing slowed, my heart felt lighter, I felt love and was flooded with calm, peace and gentleness. This was what I had been looking for, had forgotten was inside me, and I never wanted to get off that reiki table. Fifteen minutes was up way to quickly but it was OK because I knew I was going to learn to do this for myself and others someday.   

A few months later, back in Michigan I became a certified Reiki Practitioner and there was no turning back. This once abstract energy therapy was launching me into a new world of possibilities, healing and way of thinking. I have deep gratitude for the man who gave me my first Reiki session and I have great respect for this practice. Reiki allowed me to start the process of healing myself, my family and our life. It allowed me to actively do something instead of always feeling like a victim, where everything was happening to me and life was something to get through. I learned to create space for myself, manage my own life in a whole new way which led me to where I am now.

In general, I feel reiki opened me up to a deeper kind of love, calm and overall sense of well-being. I feel a stronger connection to the Universe and to something bigger than myself. I obviously still have very real big powerful emotions and slip-ups too, but I love having reiki as a tool to bring me back to love. It lights me up inside to have this amazing opportunity to offer energy work to our community, introduce it to others who may be feeling overwhelmed, in need of space, and open to what may be on the other side of healing.  I would encourage you to make an appointment with me here to find out what may come up for you, and how you might benefit from this amazing and relaxing energy treatment.  Click here for an FAQ on Reiki Therapy.