Struggling with your Emotions? Reiki Energy Therapy can help!

Let’s talk Chakra Balancing and why it's important! Many people aren’t familiar with why it’s important to balance our energetic bodies for our overall wellbeing.  Actually, many people aren’t even aware that we HAVE an energetic body because it’s not seen with the naked eye.  We should all know by now that something does not have to be seen in order for it to be real (think magnets, sound waves, radio waves...)

Chakras (which you probably have heard of) are points on our body that make up a part of this energetic system. They are swirling wheels of energy and should be swirling the proper direction (clockwise or counterclockwise depending on the area). When our chakras are free flowing and balanced, it allows us to receive good energy as well as rid ourselves of lower vibrational energy.  Chakras can become blocked by long held negative emotions, thought patterns, toxins etc... and the results of this blocked energy system can manifest in unhealthy emotional patterns like anger, jealousy, low self esteem, anxiety, forgetfulness, and even physical pain.  


In a reiki healing session, Becky works to balance and realign these energy centers and move energy through the body using her hands.  This could mean unblocking “stuck” areas of energy, or slowing or calming areas of excess energy.  This balancing of energy not only helps in healing the body, it can help get you into a completely relaxed and almost meditative state - WHERE TRUE HEALING occurs.   Even though we know now things don’t have to be seen to be believed, you will have to experience the reiki for yourself to feel the true life changing benefits.   Book your appointment with Becky today.  

Jessica Geerling