Your eyebrows are often considered the most important feature on the face. You can create quite the transformation with a little (or a lot) of brow tweaking.  A well shaped brow will soften facial features, lift the eye area, Bring out your eyes, and create a clean and fresh look.  

Brow Mapping

initial consult, brow arch, tint & makeup

Brow Mapping consists of a consultation to determine the best shape, color and width for your face features, then we shape the brow and add tint to show you what the end result will be if you have some growing in to do.  We offer brow growing serums that help speed the process along by conditioning the brow hair, activiating hair follicles, and getting it to a healthy state.  

Brow Map Maintenance

Brow Arch & Tint

After your amazing brow transformation, you will want to keep it up! Maintenance includes brow tint & shaping up to 6 weeks after your last brow appt.  If it's been longer than 6 weeks, please schedule brow mapping appt. as we will need to reshape again and need extra time in our schedule.  

Brow Shape

Brow Shaping Maintenance

For those that don't want a tint, this is brow shaping maintenance with tweezers & wax.