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The key to that glow is here.

At Wanderlux Beauty & Wellness, we offer a holistic approach to beauty & wellness with a unique, personalized experience.  By offering services that include natural, organic and clinical skin care treatments, reiki energy healing, Sugaring Hair Removal, Infrared Sauna Therapy, Brows, Lashes and Body Work we take the whole person into account. 

We carry top of the line plant-based natural & certified organic professional skin care treatments and products and thoughtfully curated self care, beauty & nutrition items. Our brand partners include:


an experience unlike any other


We pride ourselves in our diverse backgrounds in medical & organic skin care services, ingredients and technology. 

We use our vast knowledge of the skin care industry to create custom professional plans and home care regimens for our clients.    

After one skin consultation, you will walk away empowered, educated, and with a treatment and home care plan in hand that includes both nutrition and skincare products.  No matter your budget or lifestyle, or knowledge of skin care, we meet you where you are and walk along side you as your trusted skin care partner.  

Imagine walking into your consultation and having someone listen to all of your skin care issues, answering all of your questions without just a sales pitch answer.  With all of the technology of everything at our fingertips, it is refreshing when someone actually sits down to listen to what we've tried, what has worked and what hasn't instead of just "clicking a button." 


find your perfect skin routine

Skincare rituals are important for maintaining a luminous complexion.

We offer amazing in-house treatments, but nothing is better than getting on the perfect at-home regimen that was customized just FOR YOU!  We understand everyone is different and lead different lifestyles, so we make sure your skin care ritual fits in perfectly to your schedule and we make it as easy or as detailed and luxurious as possible using the best in organic and natural skincare products.  Online Shop Now Available! 


you've got options

Designer treatments & services customized just for you.  

Click here for a list of our services, which include Designer Peels, Organic and Gemstone Facials, Reiki Energy Work, Massage, Sugaring, Lashes, Eye Treatments, and more! 

If you're ready to get that glow right now and have a trusted beauty/wellness partner along the way... Book an Appointment Here